Heaven and Hell

Chapter 1: Angel

It was the first day of school. Chi was sitting alone, in silence, as most of the other children ran around playing with their newly found friends. He never really went up to other kids and asked them to be friends. He had always just waited for them to come to him. He watched them laugh and enjoy themselves while he just sat there. He looked around. He was an only child. He wasn't used to having a lot of kids his age with him. He stopped looking as he saw one particular girl his age looking at him. She was also alone, sitting there quietly in her corner while he sat in his own. He then quickly looked away and watched the other kids play.

Again, it was the first day of school. Chi sat with his usual friends. He changed schools this year. He was already in high school, a freshman. He transferred with his friends to this school. It was a school for the elites of society. He sat there; quietly looking around the new place and so did his friends. They didn't have much to talk about since they spent the whole summer on vacation together. They didn't dare make new friends. They just sat there watching the other students laugh and make new friends. He was still an only child and he still liked it. He had no problems with the baby-sitting chore. He liked being alone. Sure, he had friends, but still, being alone was the best thing for him. He never really wanted to be close to anyone; no, of course not. Being close to someone would only hurt you in the end, that's what he always said. He never bothered sharing his really deep feelings either. Yes, of course, he had his share of girlfriends like his other friends, but he didn't dare go too close. That's why they always end up breaking up. He didn't care. He wanted a solitary life after all. Besides, who in this 'pathetic' world would love him truly? He had always told his friends that. No one would. Not even his best friend. No. Not even her. After all, when was the last time he had seen her? Not since they were still kids. It was years before but he still thought of her as his best friend, even though she had forgotten they were ever best of friends. He doesn't even know how she looks like now. He only had this blurry vision of her cute childish face, the one she had when he first saw her, but he shook his head. Reminiscing was useless. It only gave him more pain than he already has.

He suddenly felt his friend nudging him. He shrugged and asked coldly, "What?"

"Chi, check out that chick. She's hot," his friend, Rei, said pointing at a very good-looking girl surrounded by her friends.

"Whatever. She's a prep," Chi told him.

"She'll only snob you, and you know that. That's how preps are. We're part of the 'Goths and Punks' genre, remember? Or are you turning prep?" Chris added.

Li only shook his head.

"Tsk tsk tsk. Is it me, or is Rei always picking up the prep bitches now?" Li suddenly asked.

"Yeah. 'tever guys."

"But wait. hmm. little puny Chi here has the prep bitches swooning. Haha," Li added.

"Shut up or I'll kill you."

"Grumpy, huh? Okay, okay. I'll shut," Li said as he fell silent as the others.

Chi looked at the girl. There was something familiar about her but he shook his head.

"No, couldn't be," He said to himself.

"Hey guys. Wait. Look at that hot chick. Look at her necklace. Isn't it familiar?" Rei suddenly asked.

His friends, including Chi, looked. Chi's eyes widened. It looked exactly like the necklace he gave to his best friend, Mia, back then. She promised she'd always wear it. Chi shook his head again.

"No, it can't be her. It's just a coincidence," He said.

"Yeah. could be, but didn't your parents tell you that she was going to this school?" Rei asked him.

"Yeah. but still, she's a prep," Chi insisted.

"Yeah... she is. Still, you can't blame her. Chicks looking like that could never drift into our side," Rei said.

"Yeah. coz we're in the darkness. We're in deep hell," Chi said.

"Yup. And they're in heaven," Chris said.

"Yeah. stupid heaven," Li added, "They're in the stupid heaven which only takes in the snobs. In other words, the preps and the fucking jocks."

"Yeah. now, shut up."

Everyone suddenly stopped laughing and kept quiet as the teacher came into the classroom. They seated themselves and the teacher started talking.

"So class, today is the first day of classes. Most of you are new students here, but all of you are new faces to me."

The teacher went on and on about how they should start the new school year and a lot of other things teachers always say at the start of the year. Chi and his friends stopped listening and scribbled random words in their notebooks in boredom. Chi was just getting finished in writing the word 'kirai' when the teacher finished her 'talk' with,

"And now let's get to know each other. We're going to introduce ourselves."

Chi almost cursed loudly.

"My name is Ms. Patria Lorenzo, but I would like all of you to call me Ms. Lorenzo."

Chi took a look at Rei. His friend's eyes gazed at their teacher. Chi looked at his other two friends and they had a knowing smile on their faces as they also looked at Rei.

"Now it's your turn. Let's see. with whom do we start? Ok. How about that tall young man over there?" she was speaking of Rei.

He suddenly stood up. Chi and his friends heard remarks such as: "Look. It's a goth/punk." or "Oh, look. It's a freak. Haha." Chi and his friends just kept silent and took in everything the others said.

"Okay. What's your name?" Ms. Lorenzo asked Rei.

"Uhh." Rei couldn't concentrate.

"Look, he doesn't even know his name. Haha. Freak," a stupid-looking guy commented.

"Please keep quiet. No side comments please," Ms. Lorenzo said, "What's your name again?"

Rei suddenly snapped out of his trance as Chi nudged him.

"Rei," He mumbled.

"What is it?" Ms. Lorenzo asked again.

"It's Rei."

"Okay, Rei," she said kindly, "Next, the one behind you."

Chi glared at her which made her draw back a little. He was like a tiger that would suddenly attack.

"What?" Chi asked coldly.

His voice was extremely cold, ice cold. He still looked at their teacher with eyes flaring with icy flames. She winced.

"Hey, it's that guy they were talking about. He's so creepy," a girl told her friend.

"Yah, I know. Like, they say he's the son of the Devil. You know, like, those eww stuff." her friend replied, but unlike the two girls, most of the girls started whispering and telling each other things like, "Wow, he's so cool.", "He's soooo like hot!", "Omigosh, is he looking at me? Omigosh, he's so cute!" or "Oh. my. gosh. I'm gonna make him my boyfriend!!" Chi looked down at his friends who were all sitting down and gestured with his eyes that he was getting annoyed with all the whispering and hell. His friends smiled back and Rei gestured to the 'hot chick' they saw earlier. Chi could hear her friends whisper and say to her things he knew was about him. He looked away.

"Hey," Chi said coldly to their teacher.

She managed to get back to her senses a bit.

"Excuse me?" she said.

"I said, 'hey'. Dammit, will you just stare at me all day? Coz, hell, I want to sit back down if you must know," Chi said coldly again.

"Excuse me, curses will not be tolerated in my class, but since it's the first day, I'll excuse you," she said.

"Hell I care," Chi muttered under his breath, "Now what?"

"I would like you to introduce yourself," Ms. Lorenzo said.

"Hell, what if I don't want to?" he answered back; still coldly.

The teacher gave him a stern look.

"Hell, okay. Dammit. The name's Chi," he said, "Hell, can I sit down now?"

"Okay, Chi. Yes, you may sit down now."

As Chi sat down, he noticed that the girl they saw a while ago was staring at him with slight shock and slightly widened eyes while her friends whispered things to her. Chi shook his head and cursed to himself then went back to scribbling on his notebook. The teacher also noticed their 'little chat' and called their attention.

"Since you girls are busy enjoying talking, why don't you introduce yourselves next?"

She called the girl in their group who was sitting nearest her.

"Please introduce yourself."

"Okay. Hi. My name's Linette."

"Okay. Thank you. Next please," Ms. Lorenzo said.

The girl beside Linette stood up and said, "Hi. My name is Therese."

"Okay, thank you."

The other girls introduced themselves as Mara, Eina, Aika and Lean. There were two more left from their group. One of the two stood up.

"Hi. I'm Corinne."

Rei looked at her and nudged Chi.

"Hey. Look, she's really hot."

"Yeah. hell I care," Chi said coldly but Rei still stared at the girl named Corinne even as she sat down.

The last of them stood up; Rei's so-called 'hot chick'.

"I'm Mia."

Chi tensed up and suddenly looked at her with slightly widened eyes, but calmed himself down.

"I told you that's her," Rei said as he nudged Chi's absent-minded figure.

It was lunch break and Chi still can't accept that it was Mia. and that prep girl was his angel, his 'Ange', the one who saved his life, and the one he called his best friend.