The Most Beautiful Princess
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It had happened on March 20th,which was a Tuesday--
And it had truly happened in quite an unusual way,
For it was on that day that a handsome architect
Who was known as Mark Carter was about to disect
A very ugly tree off of what was his property.

But before he was about to do that,a strange
Voice that was coming from somewhere within his open range
Had said to him,"Please,Sir!Leave me where I
Am,because if you do move me,I'll surely die!"

And then,after he had noticed that the very strange
Voice that he had heard had came from the tree,
A confused Mark had looked and asked,"You're asking me
Not to move you?But you're only an enormus eyesore.
In fact,you're so ugly that someone called for more
Wood for his fence,because of a certain ugly tree."

"But you don't understand.I'm really not a tree.",said
The tree."You see,if you carve a human head
On my trunk,you shall see what I really am."
And then,after he had figured,"What the damn.",
Mark had done exactly what the tree had said.

Just then,after he had carved the most beautiful face
On the tree's trunk,it had vanished from its place.

And just as he was about to try and figure
Out what had happened to the tree,a lone stranger
Of such mysterious beauty had appeared inside his own place.

After he had spotted the stranger,Mark had ran into
His house in order to confront the stranger and to
Get some straight answers from her about what was going on.

But as soon as he has reached his study,the look on
Mark's face had changed from confused to
Totally shocked,for he had suddenly gazed his eyes at
A Maura Tierney type beauty trying on his cowboy hat.

"Excuse me.",said Mark,after he had cleared his throat.
"But can I have your name,so that I could gloat
To all of my friends about you at
A local bar?"

"Well,my name is Sabrina--and long ago and far
Away,I was the most beautiful princess in my father's
Kingom.",she said,after taking the hat off of her
Head."But that was before a powerful witch from far
Up north had appeared and taken a good long look
At my flawless beauty.Just then,the ground had shook
Underneath the entire kingdom,just before the witch had aimed
Her magic staff at me,changed me into a tree and claimed
That she shall never again look
At me and be jealous of such a youthful beauty.
But then,just as my father was about to ask her for mercy,
The witch had turned around and used her dark,sinister
Spells to throw my poor father's kingdom into a deep despair forever."

And then,while she had allowed a single tear to
Run down her cheek,Mark had walked over to
The saddened princess,placed his gentle hands on her shoulders
And said,"Don't be sad,Sabrina.I'll let you stay here forever."

And after she had turned over to
Mark and gave him a great big hug,Sabrina had
Looked up at her newfound friend and had
Given him a most passionate kiss on the lips.

Then,after they had moved themselves into the bedroom,
Removed all their clothes and placed themselves on the bedroom
Floor and began to enjoy one of the most erotic
Moments ever in the written history of the mystic
World--and after they had enjoyed their little erotic boom,
The two lovers had snuggled up to each other and
Fallen asleep within each other's arms in such a grand
Atmosphere,while the rest of the world had to zoom
Along on its usual pace.

A year later,a newlywed couple had returned to the one place
Where they had made love at--the Carter house.

And the newlyweds,Mark and Sabrina still love the house
And want it to forever be their own place
To stay and live happily ever after in.