Weeping Dreamer, Seasons Cry


Weeping Dreamer

There you sit

Beneath the willow trees

With soft blood blossoms

In your hair

And starlight in your eyes

Oh how you dreamed!

Your very thoughts

Touched the moon, the sun, the infinite


Of life, itself, you dug


Than death.

And what did you find,

Oh Weeping Dreamer?

You were not always sad

No, you used to laugh

The sound of your voice

Was the wind

Through the trees

Ridden by birds

And played by the chimes

By the chimes...

By the chimes...


You knew that Death carried a scythe

You knew that Death came once

But you never knew until you saw the


Slide down angel bone

How much It cared

For Life once lost.

The outcast brother,

Left alone with ghosts of Past

Like fairy doves they


Through your imagination

Fluttering, soaring on currents of song

- Before -

Dropping lifeless

To the ground.


Weeping Dreamer,

There you sit. Alone, you cry

For star-light lost

The novas of life Burst

With an explosion of


And seething in the blackness

Turned to The


There they wait, in the riven skies of blood

Like the blackest of pumas

Crouching, waiting, patient green eyes

Stare out from the stars.

From the stars...

From the stars...


Weeping Dreaming,

In your hands, the pale white fingers

Twining 'round

And 'round and 'round

The emerald stems

Brushing against the

Crimson blooms

So cold, so cold...

The fallen flowers from your tree

Your crying tree

Beneath its boughs

You sit and weep, oh Dreamer, come!

The stars-beams beckon, twinkling lights

Mocking your existence

The bones of angels litter the ground

Beneath your crystal feet.

You've killed the sun-beings

And fairy flowers

Mourn their loss!

And on you cry!

Each jaded tear brings down with it

Another life.

Oh, sibling dear, you used to Laugh!

And sing the Spring and Summer on.

Now Fall and Winter

Tinge your face

With frosted hands they wipe your tears

And push them aside, the


fall, and with the flowers

Wither on the land.

They draw you up

And icicle smiles, cold and crystal

Embrace the Light.