A/n Okay ya'll this is my first fic.well that wasn't a fanfic I guess. It's set in medieval times.


Three kingdoms rule the globe. Each Kingdom is identifiable with a color. Gold is the "good" kingdom, all the heirs are born with golden eyes. Silver is the "neutral" of the kingdoms, all heirs are born with Silver eyes. Dark Kingdom is the "bad" kingdom all heirs are born with piercing blue eyes. Yes, there are anomalies but they occur very rarely.


Once upon a time, as so many stories begin, mine will now. It is often true that beautiful people have beautiful children and so it is also true in the case of young Trinity. Long ago, in the time of castles and kings there lived a dark and beautiful Queen who gave birth to a child as dazzling as the night sky.

This babe, as one might guess is sweetest Trinity.

Trinity had no father for only the queen herself knew of Trinity's origin. But that is another story to be told another time.

In any case, Trinity was born with ice blue eyes, her mother's eyes.

The dark Queen shrieked her outrage into the cloudy starless sky. She could save herself.or she could save the babe.

"Kill her." The beautiful Queen ordered her servent thrusting the bloody child away from her in disgust.

"But.." The henchman hesitated, confused,

"Refuse and you will die with her insolent fool!" Shadows crossed the pale face of the queen and her anger seemed to fill the room with it's might.

Slowly the not quite so evil man took the babe in his arms and carried her outside.

But this one was soft of heart as he looked upon the shining blue eyes that looked back with the trust only a child can give.

With the sigh of a tortured man, the servant cast the babe away, dropping her into a basket that drifted down the lazy river.

Because the river was calm and babies have yet to learn fear, Trinity closed her ice blue eyes in sleep.

Inside her castle the queen was haunted by those same eyes. She could see them in her darkest dreams. Glimmering like sapphires.

For it was destined, the one with her own blue eyes would bring about the end of her power.

The Queen shrugged, exhausted from childbearing. The child, her baby, was dead.

Oh how mistaken was the dark queen to think, even for a second that such goodness could be stolen so easily from the world.

The next day Trinity was found by a queen, not an evil queen, but a queen nonetheless. She took in the babe and raised it with her own small ones. Her name, by coincidence or not, was still Trinity.

And for 17 years all was well.