The likeness between Trinity and the Dark Queen was remarkable. Those eyes, brilliant and beautiful stayed in Dare's heart, harassing his mind until he turned back to his chambers. Trinity lay, bandaged on his bed and dressed in a black gown that marked her as a prisoner of war.

Dare wore the same hue, and as the man spun his cape billowed, making the fabric seem more metal than cloth. The effect was slightly ruined by his wounds which had continued to seep as Dare struggled to cross the room.

"Mine…" Dare let his eyes wander over Trini as much as he dared, and for the first time found himself uneasy in the princess's presence. She was as beautiful and dark as the queen, yet softer somehow…untouched by the evil that had frozen the Queen's heart. Trinity let out a soft cry in her sleep drawing Dare to her like a moth to a flame and stirring something in his chest that made it ache deeply.

A sudden thought came to Dare's clouded mind. A kiss. Yes, the thought of Trinity's flesh against his might soothe the passion he felt burning his soul.
Her hair was golden and her lips faded pink as she slept innocently.

Then Dare's lips were on her's, his amber hair falling gently onto her cheeks and casting shadows over Trinity's pale skin. The kiss was sweet and Dare pulled away quickly, finding that not only did the touch of her soft lips not soothe, if anything, it intensified the feeling in his chest.

But that was not the only thing to change.

Trinity's eyes flew open, a scowl already on her face. But a deep blush had colored her features and softened the look of hatred she sent Dare.
And it was in the slight blush that Dare knew she wanted him also, and the very act of knowing satiated him, at least for a while. "How DARE you?!", Trinity hissed, her eyes flashing. Dare stared calmly back at the princess, as he once again played the nonchalant captor.
But Dare's face too, was slightly flushed. And he could feel his heart hammering against his chest.

Trinity groaned as she, by sheer strength of will, stood and ignored the pounding in her head. Darius made a step toward her as if to help but then strode past her and took the vacated spot on his bed. The room, cold even in summer, began to feel quite warm. Dare characteristically turned his back on the princess and let her collect herself.

"I'm leaving." Trini didn't quite know why her captor was entitled to an explanation but she found herself wanting to see his silver eyes once more.

"Don't bother trying to leave, princess. The Dark Queen knows you're here. You'll never escape alive." Dare turned to face her and propped his head up on his elbow, "You are my possession for the night".

"I am no one's possession" Trinity tried to draw her sword once more and fell to the floor in staggering pain. The cut between her breasts had reopened and began to bleed through the cloth of her dress.

When the princess looked up Dare was looking at her with, God forbid, concern on his face. But when Trini looked again, the care had vanished beneath the mask of calm and Dare turned away.

"Sit down" held a hand out over the edge of the bed, like he didn't have the energy to rise from his current position. Trinity, suddenly felt as tired as she'd ever felt, and confused and desperate as she grabbed Dare's hand and allowed him to haul her onto the bed and lay down beside the hated captor.

Dare frowned as his hand came away stained with blood from Trinity's palm.
"It isn't mine." Trinity spoke defeatedly and almost childishly, "It was on the floor"
Dare suddenly remembered his wounds and cursed as he saw the gash on his chest was still bleeding.

While Dare removed his heavy cape and shirt to bandage the wound with his back to her Trinity plotted silently. 'It could be a easy' Trini let her heart be filled with anger, 'So easy to seduce him and magic him into helping me escape. And then killing him…Sweet seduction.' But it was more like the other way around as Trini stared at Dare's muscular back and smooth skin, his spine curving gracefully away from her.

"You stole my first kiss, you know" Trinity caught Dare's attention as he continued to bandage the cut, "I want it back. "
Trinity watched as Dare's fingers suddenly dropped the bandage and the white cloth rolled away from him on the bed.
It took a prodigious amount of strength for Trinity to crawl over to Dare. The princess finished bandaging her captor without ever meeting his silver eyes.
Suddenly Trinity grabbed Dare by his necklace and pulled him to her. At first Dare resisted but it was like a pebble in a stream. Dare kissed Trini back passionately, their lips fitting like they were made for each other. Trinity broke away reluctantly, still holding Dare's necklace. The silver coin sparkled in the light bringing a look of recognition to the Golden princess' face.

"You're Darius, crown prince of Silver Kingdom, aren't you?" Trinity asked, her mind racing, sparks jumping in her eyes.
Darius paled but struggled to remain in control, "I am. You're a very cunning princess." His grip was tight on Trini's arm.

"You've been missing for three years." Trinity looked up at Darius, for once the angry mask fading from her features.
Darius sighed, she was so naïve, "Silver kingdom…is in a state of alliance with her Dark Majesty."

"You mean the Queen kidnapped you and is using your against you family so they'll help attack Golden Kingdom." Trinity's eyes filled with accusations that didn't need to be spoken.
"You're wrong, little princess. I left Silver on my own free will, just like you left Golden." Darius' eyes sparkled dangerously in the dim lighting.

Trinity, bewildered, sank back against the pillows and waited for an explanation.
Darius was silent for a few minutes and his hands clenched tightly into fists as he spoke, "She tempted me with power and peace and escape…but mostly with power. And I took the chance, damn it all. I took the chance and followed her dark majesty into darkness" Darius showed Trinity his wrist. A black imprint the shape of the dark Queen's hand encircled it, seeming to char the skin. It was the mark of the dark Queen's dog. The mark of a monster. Darius was forever bound to the Queen of the night and the mark would only fade with the Queen's death.

Darius looked away from Trinity in…in shame and a kind of false pride masked his face. He did his best to speak clearly but the despair seemed to sink his voice a step lower than usual, "I am her dark majesty's shadow. I am her dog. I am her darkness."

Trinity concentrated on the necklace, silver and warm to the touch, "You can't help me escape."
"No" Dare shook his head, "That, I cannot."

The darkness suddenly felt less poisonous, less stifling. For they were both the same, Darius and Trinity. They were alike, the two prisoners- alike in the betrayal of their families, alike in royal blood and… alike in love.