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22nd April 2004 8:15 p.m.

You're still here. So they haven't found you yet. That's good. But they found me. I tried to hide but he found me. I was under the stairs thought they wouldn't look there. It was only twenty minutes Daddy Barry. Please don't hurt me again. It was all okay though. Daddy gave me my pills and a nice glass of water to wash it down, told me to be a good girl. I'm always such a good girl. Gave me that look, he did. The look he always gives me before. . . He took care of me. Before They came in. Same place again, spare room at the back of the house. The one with the big window and the candles. Always there. Never anywhere else. But it was okay. Daddy was nice today, he said I could choose what cloth I had. You know, the one they put on the big stone table to stop the mess. Said I could have the purple one with the funny pattern on it, the one that looks like an upside down "T" with a bit on the top. They have bits of wood shaped like that. They hang them on the walls. Or he said I could have the plain black one. I chose the purple one. I like that one bestest, I do. He gave me that one last time, but I didn't choose it then. Same thing again. They pulled the curtain over the window, put the cloth on the table, took off my trousers and underwear and put them under my head, cut off a little bit of my hair, laid me on the table, lit the candles and picked up the big book. Tried to read it once I did, the book, but Daddy caught me and took it away. Said it wasn't for my innocent eyes. Said I wouldn't understand it unless I was one of Them. They always use the book. They read from it. I never understand what they say though. One of Daddy's friends said it was like an instruction manual and a cook book all in one. I don't know what that means. I wish I knew more.

I knew what to expect, don't worry. They all sit round the table and Daddy opens the book. Then he puts five candles on the table. Two above my head, one between my legs and two more, at my feet. Looks really nice, the candlelight, when They turn the lights out. Then Daddy ties me down. To the table. Says it's for my own good, he does. Daddy is always so caring, always looking out for me. That's what I have to think. Then he read from the book. That when I know. When they all know, that it's started. It's always the same, the next bit. The strange man, you know, the quiet one with the red eyes, gets the bit of my hair and gives it to Daddy. Then Daddy does something funny with it. He talks to it, he does. I already told him that it couldn't talk back but he didn't listen. Then he stops talking to it and places it on my forehead. It tickles when he does that, makes me giggle. Then he starts to hurt me again. I told him I wouldn't lie anymore. Please Daddy, I won't do it again. Please don't hurt me. Don't punish me. I don't like it Daddy please. Please Daddy. But he just smiles at me and pushes the candle between my legs. It burns and makes me cry. And always one of the others is there, peeling away the skin and putting it on the floor. Daddy says skin grows back so it doesn't matter. Please Daddy. It really hurts. You're hurting me Daddy Barry please stop. That just makes them press harder. They could at least hold my nose so I don't need to smell that horrible smell. All They do is sing. Start singing in this funny language, they do. I don't understand it. But it's okay. I don't hear it above my screaming. And anyway, I'm silly. They never stop until it starts bleeding. Then one of the others can take some blood and drip it on the hair on my forehead. Then Daddy does some more talking from the book and to my hair. Silly Daddy. But it's okay. They take care of me. One of the others always comes to kiss it better. This always feels nice. But it stings again when he stops. And then they end it by burning the hair and the blood and singing again before closing the book and clearing up. They blow out the candles, always in a certain order though. I memorised it, I did. Part of the game I played with myself. Top left, middle, bottom right, bottom left, top right. I win. The man with the red eyes unties me and Daddy tells me to be a good girl, put on my clothes, stop crying and to go and wash myself before dinner and bed. Then he just leaves me there. I do as I'm told, I do. Always as I'm told, to make Daddy happy. So he won't hurt me anymore. But I have to go and wash now friend, before bed. That always stings, it does. And more skin comes off and it starts to bleed a little bit. Mustn't scrub too hard now. Mustn't cry out either. Daddy doesn't like a lot of noise over nothing he says. Back into hiding for you. I won't let them get you. So I'm going now. Maybe I'll cut myself again after my wash. That will help with the pain. Don't know where though. Running out of places on my arms, legs, belly, chest.

So I'm going now. Take care friend. Maybe we'll hide together someday. I'm going now. . .