Chapter 2

The Sleepover

As the first week of summer went by I got the idea to have a sleepover. I called and invited Shane and Chris but I finally decided to invite Jason Kenton. "It will be good to have him over. That way we can get to know him and all that stuff," I said to Shane as I talked to him on the phone. So it was decided that the sleepover would take place the next day. If only I had known. . .

The next day was buzzing with excitement. When Chris and Shane arrived the house was filled with talk and laughter. We awaited the arrival of Jason and we finally heard the sound of blaring music and car wheels in the driveway. I ran over to look out the window to see a red convertible pull into the driveway. "I wonder who that is? Oh it's Jason," I said as I turned and stepped outside to greet him. "Hi, come on in. Your dad can come in too," I said motioning to the man in the convertible. Jason, with his black back pack, shook his head, "No that's my brother. He's got somewhere to go." "You didn't tell us you had a brother," I said smiling. "Yeah I know. He's. . .not the most interesting person to talk about," Jason said as he entered the house. I was a bit disturbed by Jason's rather harsh words about his brother. But I soon forgot about them.

Later on that evening we all went swimming and as we lay in the pool we all began hammering Jason with questions. "Where did you used to live?" Chris asked. "I lived in Chicago," Jason said as he climbed up on a float. "Wow! Really? If you don't mind me asking, why did you and your family move here to such a boring town?" Shane asked. "It's a long story. But to make it short, my brother Trevor got into. . .some trouble and my parents thought it best to move here. It's a new start for us all but I miss Chicago," Jason sighed. "I can imagine. This must be a BIG change for you. I've always wanted to live in the city but I'll probably be stuck here forever," Shane said rather angrily.

We all talked for quite awhile, well Jason did most of the talking. He told us what it was like in Chicago. He told us some exciting tales of his 'adventures' in Chicago. They were all intriguing and they caught our attention. When he was finished Jason asked, "So what do you guys do for fun?" I looked over at Chris, who was lying on a float. He giggled and I chuckled. "Well, we don't do a lot. We basically stay home all the time. There's not much to do in town and besides our parents don't like us going into town without their supervision or whatever," I said. Jason raised his eyebrows and their was a hint of disbelief in his eyes, "My parents don't mind me doing stuff. But my dad has been acting kind of strange now that he's got saved and all that." "Well, that does change a person. I know because I'm saved," I said smiling. Jason didn't say anything about that but instead he said, "I was thinking that maybe we could hang out in town and stuff this summer." "We might could do that. Not every day but maybe on the weekends," I said as I climbed off the float and into the warm pool water.

"Well, I live in town so it won't be a problem for me. My parents can be strict but they're not too bad," Chris said with a smile. "Good luck with my parents. I live in town too but they are like so paranoid about things," Shane said with disgust. "Don't worry about it guys. I'll handle all your parents. I know how to work em'. You guys are going to have the time of your lives this summer as long as you stick with me," Jason said as he jumped off his float and landed in the water with a splash.

That night after we had finished swimming we all went into the house and changed into dry clothes. As Chris and I stood in the kitchen waiting for Jason and Shane to get through changing clothes, Chris sighed, "I wonder what kind of fun Jason was talking about? He obviously doesn't know anything about Irvine, Kentucky." "Yeah no kidding. I thought the same thing when Jason said that about is having a blast," I said. Chris reached up and scratched his head causing his wet black hair to turn into a frizz, "He's got me confused that's for sure. Oh well, we'll find out soon enough what kind of fun he's talking about."

All the boys left that evening. I was sad to see the sleepover end but it would not be the last sleepover we would all have together, or so I thought. The summer stretched out before me and before it was over with I would be a different person as would all the people that I knew and loved.

To Be Continued. . .