Trust Comes Not Easy

Betrayal frequently visits me,
In the form of a so-called friend,
However, to the stabbing I am numb,
So many times they slash my whole self,
Till I am fallen on my knees,
Begging for a merciful reprieve,
From the agony Trust causes me.

The blood I bleed all for nothing,
For the sake of friendship,
The utter curse that it is,
Haunts me, and whispers sweet words,
Saying that it is good and right to believe in Trust,
When Skepticism tells me the opposite,
Loneliness is my savior,
That Love itself cannot reconcile,
The anguish Trust causes me.

Tears drop endlessly,
My face is flushed but I am too tired to cry,
They and my other true friends comfort me,
Death is always there, waiting, watching, calling,
Infinity keeps me living everyday,
Life, throwing me a line, I ignore it, because it can't heal,
The grief Trust causes me.

Trust comes not easy,
To a person like me,
A restless fallen spirit, a forsaken life,
Unable to recover, to mend, to discover,
To understand, to believe, to see,
Blind to all goodness, I turn away,
And succumb to the welcoming Darkness,
Which saves me, releases me, comforts me,
From the torture Trust causes me.