As the sea flows chap.2

The waves are ripping at the rocks tonight. I came up to the surface to brush my sea-foam colored hair. The moon reflects so beautifully on the midnight sea, it is almost enough to block out my conscience, but not for long. Soon the tortured souls who I am to blame for come back to haunt me at this unholy hour.

The little girl, on the English ship, she is my main tormenter. Her face is thinner than it was in life, her eyes darkly shaded and hollow. She told me her name, Samantha. She walks on the water and comes up to my face and whispers in my ear, "why? Why did you take my life? Why..". I have used all my powers to rid myself of her but I fear she has become a White Lady.

I swam deep enough into the Sea this morning to see some Morgans and Morganez building a new glass fort in which to live. It hurt when they banished me back to my sisters, being one of them but not enough so. How I long to be part of my father's family. Not only are they kind and beautiful, they are the most generous. So why won't they let me join?

As soon as Vivienne found out I had tried to get in contact with Morgans, she has a fit. I was forced to take down a small ship by myself and then give all the treasure and meat to her. I am so tired, I don't even want to be bothered by Samantha tonight.