How can you kill so heartlessly?
It's just the child's first breath.
Just as it came,
It went away.
How can you be so heartless?
Is there a conscience under your dark mind?
The babe is so innocent.
What did the child do to you?
You brought it life,
You carried it.
Why should it be thrown away for something you did?
One will cry for love and care.
But you will never be there.
So it cries and cries,
Until the crying stops,
and the life finally fades.
Sick and twisted is what it is.
Would you like to be left alone somewhere,
With no care?
Or somewhere you can't breath?
It was your actions that brought new life.
The babe is your responsibility.
If you love but can't keep.
Bring it somewhere it will be loved and cared.
Know you'll always have help.
Even when you feel alone.
The help is there.
Shinning down on you.
So before you make your first kill.
What would it be like,
To be the innocent you are about kill.