Glimmers of Truth and shimmers of Light
Amidst Darkness.

Little shards of Truth
Flickers of what is Meant To Be
Leading us towards emptiness
Where our eyes can't see
Places rancid and uncouth

Leading us away from Wholeness
Into a world of glass, watch it break
Shattering everything that is fake
Try to walk across the lies that lead you astray
Now just try to find another way
To Live Life

Glimmers of your Intended staring out from another's eye
So beautiful and full of light sometimes it makes you want to cry
So close and yet so far away
It makes you long to stay
To hold them close and whisper "Forever"
When really, in Truth, it would be "Never"
For they will never be the One
A burning bright Sun
Of Wholeness

You see Hope in wrapped in a Lie
A white jewel encased in folds of black silk
You can see its shrouded light
But you cannot fully see the folds of night
That huddle, crowded around in dark glee

You see Hope in wrapped in a Lie
Now, understand, please try
As Time passes, one day
The Truth will fade away
Lost in the sticky black web of deceit
Do not feast upon this fool's treat

Flee from Parts
Find the Whole
That which speaks with an entire soul.

Gems of Light are well and partly good
As can be cults that proclaim brotherhood
But they are Truth within Lies you see
Unhealthy paths that don't allow one to be

Parts of Truth cannot make one whole
Often they seek to control
That unformed Light within
And we, unknowing, fall into sin

Patience is a better creed
It plants a truly beautiful seed
Then as it grows we can wait and see
What for us is truly meant to be

Shy away from the tiny gems of Truth
Wait for the Wholeness of Truth
Wait until you see
What is meant to be
For both you and me

It awaits in the future
Beyond our mortal sight
Lie waves of endless Light
If only we can wait
If only we can see
If only we can not forget to be