"That's cuz they're teenagers and they're liberals and they have no morals."


Just agree with her

Maybe she'll stop talking


Just ignore her

But I can't let her say this

"Gays can be together, but marriage is too strong a word for people who can't have children."

You're right

You win

I have no morals

I'm the evil one

I should not be forgiven

I'll stop believing what makes sense to me

Because your church wouldn't like it

I'll never stand up for a gay again

            I'd rather see happy couples torn apart

I'll bow down to the king of stupidity

            Because it takes guts to be that terrible of a president

I'll deny that I've ever questioned…

            It's "disgusting" and "sinful," isn't it?

I'll pretend that I've never been depressed

            And plaster on a Mona Lisa smile

I'll scoff at other races, just like you

            They were only born colored to offend you

I won't care when women die from tubule pregnancy

            At least there was no abortion

I'll support the War on Terror one hundred percent

            Who cares about the lives we destroy?

I'll support the troops, along with their Commander

            He dodged the draft, but he apologized, remember?

I'll throw away my black clothing for you

            Because you think it looks "Satanic"

But you'd never tolerate the Goddess faith for me

            Oh, right, she's not "real" in your eyes

And you'd never be kind to my bi friends

            Your parents told you they were wrong

You've never been lenient on me

            So I'll turn my back on you

Forget what I said

I love America

But I am a liberal

That's who I am

And you can't change that