First Snow

The first fall of snow is truly enchanting. It possesses a magical aura and the snow falls, silently, hours and hours, while we sleep. Behind our closed curtains, a vast transformation is taking place. As we open those drapes, when morning is here, we see that our world has been completely enveloped by a layer of majestic snow.

The trees are no longer covered with leaves, but are instead, enshrouded in a cloth of sparkling white. The red roses are covered with tiny flakes of snow, glistening in the early sunshine, giving off the illusion of tiny, sparkling diamonds nested in a red velvet case. The air is filled with an eerie silence.

As night falls, the snow reflects the moonlight giving off an ethereal glow. Now the snow is falling heavily. Great, big flakes flutter through the air obscuring our view through the shadow valley.

As I look out my window, my eyes show me a world of silver and white harmoniously mixed together, and there is running through my head a rhyme I used to chant when I was a child, spinning underneath the falling snow:

Snow, snow faster,
White alabaster!
Swans freed in Scotland,
Flying over here!

Alabaster is "a transparent soft mainly white stone."