My soul to take

Pondering here
I see you
Glinting in the night
An eye a smile a devilish vision
To drive me into flight
If I were one of fearful ways
I would have been long gone
Now I see you over me I wonder what is wrong

I've walked this road a million times
More at night than ever at day
And yet this vision way up high is something odd I say
Where were you when I was lost
And soaked through with rain
Where were you when my eyes were swollen
With tears bowed down with pain

You cold and distant now
Do you fear my accusing ways
You seem to loose your light just now
Are you through with you mischievous plays
This street I walk it is no game
These stones are rough you see

But how could you ever understand
Distant star you eye can't see
If I could give you my skin to walk in
You would you trade your glowing eye
If you could have these hardened limbs
Then I will learn to fly
But seeing you way up there
I would never think to exchange
This solid body of hard earned knowledge
For you one star so strange

Why is it now that I see you there
Has some great truth been said
If so then why am I still standing here
some how id think id be dead
This world is not ready for you
Gleaming eye
Go somewhere else instead

* was looking at a star through a telescope*