Our world

Our world is a crumbling place
Of misery and harm.
Everywhere you see us disgrace
This wonderful world of charm.

Our world is falling very fast
Into darkness and greed.
As we look back on our past
We wonder what happened with such speed.

Our world is infected with hate,
With drugs and fights and killing.
And everywhere you see the bait
For our people so willing.

Our world is plagued with disbelieve
That hurting can be bad.
And attacks that happen so frequently
Are just another fad.

In the movies that we see
People get beat badly.
And then we all start to believe
A fist to the face,
A foot to the ribs,
Can't really cause much damage.
Why worry much about it,
If it happens on the movies?

Our world is a place of bloodshed,
As I mentioned before;
We think that hitting other beings,
Won't cause any gore.

Our world is being destroyed
By toxic plants and waste.
Our oceans can almost no longer be enjoyed,
The water no long has a good taste.

Our world is over run by power,
People starting wars.
And beating and stealing devour,
Our once peaceful shores.

Our world is in need of help,
But what can we do?
Will some one please let out a yelp,
Of "Let's start anew"?

But don't despair,
You never know,
Some one might be out there
To call us out of our woe.

And maybe, if I'm brave enough,
And maybe if you are too.
We can make a difference.
And many people who were too shy before,
Will join us in our mission.
To purify,
To save,
To help this falling planet.