~I spent the day with my friend Jose. I love him so much but he's obsessed with some girl that doesn't disserve him.. No one disserves him, not even me .~

You're with her

Like a maniac you drive
Cutting corners
Speeding through safe zones
Sending creatures flying for cover
Yet in your heart you are careful
Steadily directing me
Gently insisting
Caressing ...

No you're with her

I hear your voice
Softly laughing at things only we know
Smiling loudly as we drift
I look at you
And I want to hold you near
Lovingly ...

No you're with her

So naturally we commune
You and I beneath this wide southern sky
Enjoying the sights of nature
The scent of the sea
The wind playing through our souls

No , you're with her

So we're here again
Outside these four walls
You're smiling
I want to feel the caress of those soft lips
Feel the warmth of your breath on my neck
But you're with her
And I respect that
Although you are to good for her
Too good for the world
I close the door and smile.

Even when she's gone
You will still be my friend