(Live For the Moment)

What is my purpose here?
Does it matter if I live or die?
What if I died tomorrow
Would anybody cry?

Would life just go on
Like I was never there?
Would anybody miss me?
Would anybody care?

Would I be remembered
By the second generation?
Why live only to die?
What's the purpose of this creation?

Would I just be forgotten
Like the dead of the past?
Is there nothing I can do
To make my memories last?

Should I not worry about the future
And instead concentrate on today,
Enjoy the life around me,
And always seize the day?

Does it really matter if I'm remembered
A hundred years from now?
It's not even important
So I'll stop caring about it, I vow.

I'll just do what makes me happy
And live life in the present .
I won't worry about the future.
I'll always live for the moment.