Chapter two Old and New friends
That morning, Andrea and Alex drooped off their parents at the airport. Then they drove up to Alex's new home. Both of them carried two sleeping bags and Andrea carried a bag with the phone in it. They walked up flight of stairs then up the elevator twenty-four levels. As soon they got in the door Alex went to get her journal out of one of the sleeping bags. She wrote a long entry about how she was sad she moved away from her home and friends and how living with her sister would be.
Andrea had just gone to take a shower when someone knocked on the door. "Alex. Can you get that?"
Through the door, someone was saying, "Andy. My mom needs some eggs. Can you open the door?"
Alex opened the door. "Um, hi. I'm Alex. Who are you? Oh my god!" she smiled and hit the guy. "Hey Joe! I forgot about you."
"Hi. Alex, was it?" he joked. "My name is Joe, for some people who forget. I live next door. Or did you forget that too? Any way, could I have, um three eggs?" Joe stood there waiting.
"Yeah sure. Do you want to come in?" Alex said stepping aside.
"Sure. Is Andy here?"
"Well I guess I I'll see you allot, since I'm living here.
"You are? Why?" Joe hit his forehead when he said this. "I meant how come you're living here not with your parents?"
Alex sighed. "They moved to Germany. They're on a plane right now. So I moved here." She looked at the fan on the ceiling. "So those eggs." Alex went to the refrigerator. "How many? Three? OK."
As she gave him the eggs, Joe got up to leave. "So I'll see you soon probably. Oh what school are you going to?"
"I think I'm going to, um, some privet school. I don't know. Its, thank god, not all girl school, that's all I know. Oh and its some old president."
"Um, is it W. H. Harrison?"
"No, I don't think so."
"Monroe high?
"Oh is it Roosevelt High?"
"Yeah, yeah that's the one, I think."
"That's the one I go to."
"Cool. Maybe you could show me around." Suddenly the phone rang. It was Joe's mother.
"Hello, Andy?
"Oh no Mrs. O'Leary, this is Alex."
"Oh hi Alex how are you?" they talked for a little bit then Mrs. O'Leary said, "I just remembered could you send Joe over?"
"Sure, bye Mrs. O'Leary.
"Bye Hun." They both hung up the phones.
"Hey you." She said as she tried to keep a straight face on. "You've gatta go home."
"OK I'll see ya later." He walked out of the apartment.

A couple of nights later, Andrea had her boyfriend over so Alex had decided to stay as far away as she could. So she stayed on the balcony staring at all the lights. Then she heard a sliding door open. She looked behind to the left and saw that her door and neighbor's door was closed then she looked to the right and saw Joe smiling.
"You've been out here for some time now." He said as Alex got up. The bars between each balcony were high enough to touch Alex's collarbone. Now Alex was exactly five feet seven and three-fourths inches tall.
"What? You've been spying on me?" Alex said jokingly.
Joe's grin became bigger. "Na'. Na'. I just saw you like an hour ago. And you know that these walls are paper thin and I didn't hear the sliding door open that's all." Joe looked out onto the street then said, "Why are you out her so late and so long?"
Alex's cheeks got the slightest bit redder. "Long story short, Ben, Andy's boy-toy, is over and I really don't feel like staying inside tonight. So I figure for tonight I'll stay out here."
"I'll be right back." Joe said he went in to the house and came without with two blankets and three pillows. "Since you don't want to go inside here 's your bed." He tossed the blankets and two pillows over. He set the last pillow down for himself and laid-down. "So what have ya been up to? Have you gone out?"
"I wish. All I've done is unpacked and put my stuff in my new room. I haven't even learned my way around." They talked all night. The next day, Joe showed Alex around town.
The rest of June, Alex hung out with Joe. Then on July third, Joe's family had a fourth of July party. An hour before any of Joe's parent's guests had come Alex was talking to Joe on the balcony. He told her; he was going to introduce some of his friends who also went to Roosevelt High.
"So who are these friends of yours?" Alex said as she moved the porch table so she could get over to Joe's balcony.
"Well, you'll meet them all. Any way need help jumping over?" he held her hand as she jumped over. "So my parents have a couple of people coming and I have Tim, Will, Sophia, Mega, and... That's it."
"Oh that's cool. So do you have all the food and drinks out?" they went inside and put out the plates. Soon Sophia and Tim came.
"Hey Tim, Sophia. This is my friend Alex, Alex this is Tim and Sophia. They're bother and sister."
"Hi Alex." Sophia said. "Tim over here is a year older than me."
"Hi. So who are we waiting for now." Alex asked. They waited around and Alex got to know them. When Will and Mega came later on, all the introductions were made. They talked about school and why Alex was there.
Around eight, they decided to talk in Alex's place because there was too much noise everywhere else. Before they went into Alex's apartment, Alex pulled back Sophia.
"Sophia? Um, you know Will?"
"Um, does he like anybody? Are you going out? You two look very," Alex looked for the word to use. "Close."
"Oh. Yeah I used to like each other but we tried it and now we're just friends." She hesitated then said, "Wait, do you like him? Oh my god you do. We have to tell Mega. I'll find out if he likes you. We should go in before anybody gets suspicious. " She said jokingly.
When they got inside they talked for a long time. "So," Alex said, "how did you guys get here?"
"Walked. We all live in walking distance." Answered Will, "we should get together more often this summer. I mean this is the first time I've seen you guys this summer."
They kept talking until Andrea came home. "Hey guys. What are you doing here? It's ten-thirty."
"Oh my god, ten-thirty already?" Sophia exclaimed. "We've got to go. We're supposed to be home already. Bye guys. Alex it was great meeting you." She gave Alex a hug and whispered, " I think he is starting to like you."
Tim got up and said, "OK see you guys later." And they left. As the two left, the four left went out to the hallway.
Soon Mega decided that she had to get Will to like Alex, so she stood next to Alex and said quietly "come with me." Alex looked at her confusedly while she nodded to say "okay"
The two girls walked over to the guys and sat across them. They all sat around and talked for ten minutes. Then by "coincidence" both Mega and Joe got up and left for some water.
"Why are you leaving?" Joe questioned. He raised his eyebrow in question.
Mega laughed and said, "you should know why." When he raised his eyebrow again Mega added, "She likes him a lot."
"What are you talking about? Oh. She? Him? Oh that's funny. They laughed as he turned on the TV.
Back in the hall, Alex and Will were talking, and getting to know each other. They talked about themselves and asked about each other's lives. Around eleven thirty, Will's parents came out of Joe's house.
"Well, um, tell Joe that I say bye and ask him to call me. It was really nice meeting you. Um, tell Mega I said bye too."
"OK. I'll probably be seeing you soon." In her head she thought, hopefully. "See ya later." She went into Joe's house.