What are diamond days?
should I feel spoiled and as though
my life is luxury simply because
you put a shimmer around my neck
and say "Shine for me, darling
and I'll give you the world" -
give me the world, or give me
to the world? Come now, and clarify
your meaning, 'darling'
explain to me my supposed role
in your grand scheme, in this,
your progressing domination,
or as I like to call it,
your imminent damnation.

Shall I smile and glitter by your side
so you can say that you tamed me
with white light and platinum;
you'll tell them, "I convinced her"
and, "She did it because it was me
that asked her to" give this up
you told me, give this up
and I'll bring you diamond days.

Yes dear, you'll bring me diamond days all right,
and golden shackles to grace my ankles,
adorn my wrists, shower me with shine
until I succumb to white light
and bask to condemnation in these
diamond days.