Rome and Hell

We're really pretty different                                                                  Rome and Hell; you and I

My ego is overwhelmingly strong                                               You think you're ugly and wrong

Though reality says I'm nothing                                          Though truth reveals you're beautiful

But we have some common ground                                          And by that view, we'll be bound

I just want someone there for me                                          You just want someone to hold you

I seek out my precise wont                                                 You know how to get what you want

Can your desires be mine?                                                   Can I show you what you truly wish?

The road to you is wide indeed                                         I'm not sure I'm everything that I need

Where can I find you?                                                                             Why can't you find me?

I hunt through the day's light                                                 You search in the dark of the night

I look west while you scan east                                                      I hope we're not back-to-back

Anyway, every way I try                                                                       You elude my seeking eye

I can see myself, wandering alone                                                But my view of you is obscured

Should I cure my wanderlust?                                                       Will that clear your image rust?

I should identify what I'm looking for                                              So I'm not stumbling blindly

I know you're there, Rome                                                                          It says so in this tome

I try to trust these words                                                                   There must be truth in them

I stare at the books and read                                                            And the lexis tells me to lead

But where can we find ourselves?                                                  However will we be together?

You just want me to hold you                                                              I want you to be there too

I hold my Hope above my head                                                           To radiate upon this world

No one will ever see it, though                                                             It shines an invisible glow

I Hope one day you'll see it                                                      And I Hope one day I'll see yours

We should try opening our eyes                                                       To destroy our fantasy of lies

I Hope the day comes soon                                                       Where we meet beneath the stars

And care not what happens                                                          Too bad the future all depends

On that never occurring                                                           For if it does, it will mean the end

But why should the end be avoided?                                                  I want history to be voided

Nothing good ever happened                                                      Unless it was the result of Hope

And then that required badness                                                            Which only led to sadness

I search for you, I lust for you                                                        But I'm trapped in wanderlust

But in the end, we'll be together                                             We'll make the world's true nether