As I walk barefooted through the forest of my mind,
Thoughts chatter at me and emotions unwind,
In coils at me feet, my hands now unbound,
I hear something strange and I follow the sound,

Dead leaves crumple and crack beneath my feet,
As I walk, I gather my memories of you, both bitter and sweet,
I break through the forest and stumble out into the light,

I wander over hills of Time as I walk through the lush green grass,
I gather more memories of you as I walk through the wet morning dew,
The feel of the growing earth restores my soul as I wander through,
This world of mine, as I stride up the hill slowing my pace as I reach the top,
I sit down and let the warm wind carry the smell of the morning sun into,
My soul, I begin to pick up memories and gaze into their green veins as my heart turns blue.

I am carried back into the past,
I can remember now,
I can remember how,
I am wishing it would last,
But what I see is the past.

Remember when Mommy stood in the hall,
Seeing and hearing father fall,
From Daddy into something black,
Something he could never take back,
Remember hearing you scream through the door,
Some things are best left as nevermore.

Remember when we would laugh as kin,
Before innocence of youth was replace with knowledge and sin,
I wish we could go back to those times again,
When I was me and you were you,
And together we were tried and true,
And I would jiggle the knob on your door,
We would play in front of the artificial light,
Until the night turned into the morning's blue,
I wish things could be like they were before.

Before the anger and before the hate,
Before the pain and before fate,
Before the here and now,
Back when we would wonder how,
The rainbows worked or how teenagers got by,
What I would give only to try,
And find those days again.

Remember when, in a tree house without a roof on,
Wondering about Mysteries in the night,
And thinking about aliens in the stars' light,
Getting scared of airplane lights and running across the lawn,
Fleeing back into the house full of fright.

Remember when,
Staying out all day,
Just to play,
Frolicking in the green of the earth,
Hiding and running and playing,
Until Mommy's metal bell,
Would call us back home,
Back when home was Home,
And friends were forever.

Remember when we would hear a mourning dove,
And you would read the "owl's" message from above,
On a special leaf that only you could read,
And our adventure you would lead,
Later on we would come back,
And begin another journey.

As I gather the memories to me again,
I sit silently and wonder when,
We will have that much fun again.

I wonder how and I wonder why,
Childhood memories never die,
Probably because to me,
They are so precious.

I take my memories,
I scatter them to the breeze,
I watch as they glide across the land,
Then I turn and take your hand,
Brother, Sister, Mother, Father,
Let us never forget,
What we've been through and what we met,
Along this journey they call life.

Let our memories carry our hope and dreams into tomorrow,
And help us forget our present sorrow,
Let us see the sunset together,
Holding hands.