This was my fault

You'll have me know

Why I didn't tell you?

How I felt

Was anyone's guess

But you…you have an answer, you have it made.

I overreacted

I should have stayed

I shouldn't have been disgusted

By perversion

I shouldn't have minded

You try to reason with my "irrational" thoughts

"I'm really sorry

But you…

But it wasn't like that…

My parents were furious…

They yelled at me…"

Your dad was a "little" mad because he thought you

Had actually done something

Because your perversion

Wasn't enough?

Neither was your apathy

Or your disinterest in me

Or your closed feelings

You think we have to "get to the bottom of this"

We already did

That's why we broke up

I'm sorry

But it happens

Leave me alone