Have you ever…?

Have you ever laid so still that you felt the blood rushing through your veins to the rhythm of your heart palpitations? It is like your whole being is beating, under your skin, straining the muscles with rhythmic vibrations. It feels as if your soul has taken a breath and instead of the rise and fall of your chest with the inhalations of air, you feel the rise and fall of the essence of simply existing.

Have you ever listened, really listened to the silence? In it, you can hear the buzz of energy and if you listen even closer, you can hear the story of life. Silence imparts more spiritual truths than any book. It screams them at you, with such clarity of tone, that it amazes the senses.

Have you ever been submerged in water, to the point that your body feels like liquid flesh? If you sit in water long enough, you can feel every drop of water in your body, saturating the spirit. Every drop that rolls off the skin, leaves a trail of moisture that the mind can read. It tells liquid tales of all that is brought to life because of it's presence. The grateful songs of nature can be heard in the water. Do you listen?

Have you ever languorously awoken from a deep slumber, only to feel the remnants of dreams laying over you like a fine, dewy mist? The dew of these dreams induces you to go back to sleep and lies over your skin like an old, wooly, warm blanket that pulls you down into a warm pool of content. In this pool, you can here the whispers of ghosts and angels alike. They tell you secrets that you are not intended to remember.

Have you ever cried and felt the currents of emotion violently swirling around your core and forcefully pouring out through your eyes? Tears create a rift in time and encapsulate you into a bubble of pure emotion. Tears provide release that erupts like a passionate sigh, only to inspire more tears, but of a different kind. You can find climax in crying and rapture in expression. Have you ever felt that ecstasy?

Have you, personally, ever experienced the joy in simplicity? If you haven't, then you have yet to breathe life. Go on. I dare you. Take a breath and live.