My Demon Stopped Singing.

"Sing for me, Dameon."

The words I spoke when I called him.

"Come to me."

What is he?


He's beautiful, stripped of white wings, his hair silver like the knife he holds.

An expression.

Empty, blank….he felt nothing.

I feel nothing consumed within him.

"Hold me, Dameon, I'm alone again."

Enraptured feelings make me blind.

He's here again, watching me.

What is he?


He can cast a shadow on the sun, his arms flex out in position.

A fire.

black and burning with a tinge of blue.

I loved him.

My Dameon, my demon.

My fire.

Times passed and I had none but him.

The knife he carried was solid.

I think I kissed him.

He cut me

What is he?


He would kill for me. He nearly killed for me.

He hurt them, those that hurt me.

Because I asked him.

"Love me, Dameon."

He says he does, but what are words when it hurts like this.

It hurts, it hurts…God, it hurts.

What are you?

"Within you."

He replies and a little laugh sprouts from such white lips.

He's lovely, but so twisted.

Look at him again, something's wrong.

Something's not right…

Glazed eyes watch, glitter and glitter again

What are you?

"Keep away from me, Dameon."

I hate the sight of the blood, my own, you know.

I hate the dull pain.

The skin which was mine.

I must be evil to want this.

I don't want it. I wish I never called him here.

He can't be real, only I can see him.

I'm insane.

Such an insanity is tragic, but true.

Mia Veritas.

I can't look at my blood. I can't look at my blood.


It's suddenly chaotic when I think.

A buzzing noise of nothing.

No one.

Just you, Dameon.

"Sing for me, Levia."

I sing all the time.

I hate singing, but I do.

Who am I singing for.

"Love me, Levia."


I am Dameon

I am your demon

I am your lifeblood.

I….am Dameon.

Demons sing, you know that, right?

Yes, it's true.

Lucifer's voice, an intonation of such sweet evil.

Like a soft voice, whispering death at you.

Demons are taught to sing before anything else.

Their voices ring together.

We can hear them better than the angel's songs.

We want to hear them as they make our ears bleed.

"Sing for me, Dameon."

"No, you sing for me."

That is how it is.