In The Stars

Worlds up in space
Never fleeting
Always errant like the stars
Like the cycles of errant souls
Like the cycles of the planets
The forlorn live lives
Which have grieved in sorrow
In anger
For eons and ages
Without faith but only fate
Because the endless
Cycles turning
For generations past
And its not like they can escape
Like they can run away
From you and I
Like you and I
Such a new experience
No one can run from
But we never appreciate it
Since it is pure untainted destiny
And coherence is the sole virtue
Of the Mercury always rising
And turning
And falling
And always understanding the hotness of the sun
But the moon is the one
Who guides the waves
In the deep deep ocean
The moon guides my vitality
And my existence
Only a notion
Of emotion and commotion
To fit the rhyme
And reason of the Creator
The One the Only
But it is up to him that I write this now
Instead of smiling at the pouring rain
Instead of staring into space
Because it is written in the stars so.