It's hard to put into words,
Things that are not worth saying,
Yet are worth thinking.

It's hard to think about what was,
What is now to be,
And how you are going to handle it.

It's hard to know,
And yet not to realize,
That there is a difference.

It's hard to grasp a fact,
That those memories,
Are now nothing but memories.

But even with thoughts and emotion,
And the subtle look of life that we hold,
We can still let tears fall to the ground,
Disintegrate into the earth.
Although they once were,
They are now, changed.
They have become a new form,
Maybe not recognizable,
But still there.
Different, yet still the same.

It's hard to say goodbye,
It's hard to remember that last smile,
But it is easy to see,
That to the vast mind,
'Death is only the next great adventure'.

By Siobhan
Date: 22/April/2004