A little about me
Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: I wrote this poem when I was updating my e-mail information, and they
asked me to describe who I was. I had every intention of posting this poem
there, but it was too long. So I'll just post it here. I hope you all

A simple girl am I
A girl who likes to dream
No greater, no lesser
If you know what I mean

There's always a smile
Even when I'm dying inside
Just a simple girl am I
With nothing but her pride

So you ask, who am I
Will I ever change the world
I seriously doubt that I will
Because I'm just a girl

I also want to thanks to the following people, who have added me to their
favorite lists.
The newest fans are: Drowning in tears, Joshguy2000, AmethystTrish, and
Kanojo Miseru-to Kurai.
Not to forget my equally important fans that have been with me for a while.

Tyra-Cm, Leo, Oohaysemag2001, and Lady Illusion.
I really appreciate the support that you've shown me.
Gotta go. TTfn