The Lost Kitty
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the Twenty Fourth day of April that
A handsome young man named Alex Seaver spotted a cat
Walking on the sidewalk and looking like she was lost.

So,after he'd picked her up,Alex took the lost
Kitty back to where the tags on the cat's
Collar had told him to go,which was a spooky
Type house where only a person who's indeed quite kooky
Enough to leave in it.

After he'd stepped inside the house,the cat used it's
Claws to force Alex to release her to go hooky
All over the house.

After he'd licked his wounds,Alex went around the house
In search of the cat that had just scratched him,
Only to spot a woman in the master bedroom say,"Hi,I'm Kim--
As in Kimberly Speilberg--and I welcome you to my house."

And after she'd walked slowly towards him,Kim placed her
Fingers on Alex's lips and said,"You don't have to say another
Word,Alex.Because I know all about your personal mission.
But you see,the cat was only a mere illusion
To find the one who would share his life together
With me."

And then,after he'd looked at the fair beauty,
Who looked just like an actress named Justine Bateman
And realized that she really needed a man
In her life,Alex walked over to Kim and agreed
To stay within her life--forever.

And to make sure,
Alex Seaver and Kim Speilberg became man and wife.