Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: This poem has been actually sitting in my notebook for a while. I
didn't want to post it, because this past week I was in an unbelievably
good mood for no particular reason. You know how hard it is to be happy
just because. Well I was, and I didn't want to post a depressing poem.
HOWEVER, this past Friday changed all of that. It seemed like bad news was
all around me, and you better believe that I was angry with some of the
latest events in my life. So I decided to post this today, because now I'm
in the mood to rant and vent. I hope you guys/gals like it.

Life has made me bitter
A complete waste of time
I'm supposed to be happy
Instead I'm losing my mind

My whole demeanor has changed
No longer carefree and wild
Even my mom don't know what to do
With such a rebellious child

My anger speaks volumes
Life's been cruel to me
Let's just get this over with
To heck with longevity

Such a sadist fate I have
Do I ever get to feel joy
Instead I come across things
That serves to annoy

Anger, bitterness, a ferocious rage
That's the only thing that lives in my heart
I guess that this is my life
It was crappy from the start.