A Cosmic Monkey Wrench

By:Andrew Troy Keller

If I'm not mistaken,there are some things that are good about a marriage--and one of those things is that you'll always be able to love the one that you've married for the rest of your life,for he and/or she is indeed your one true love.

But sometimes,John Q. Fate would throw a cosmic monkey wrench into the works and both you and your spouse would have no choice,but to have egg on your faces.

Case in point:both David and Kathy Rock had just gotten married on the Twenty Fourth day of April and drove to a Colorado mountain lodge to celebrate their honeymoon,but while they were checking in,David had noticed that he had caught the eye of a Gwen Stefani type beauty,who was standing next to the front door and eating an ice cream cone.

And even though he was still married to Kathy,there was something about the other woman that was making David become unable to resist her glowing beauty.

As a matter of fact,while Kathy was still asleep,David would have no choice,but to sneak out of their room and head towards the edge of the woods,where the female stranger was waiting for him--and after they had removed all of their clothes and started making love to each other,a large UFO had appeared,beamed the lovers aboard it and zoomed back into outer space.

Kathy lost David--forever.