~ Steel Winged Hawke~
Wings of steel flying upon winds of reality,
Weaving through the storms, searching for spirituality.
Dark amber eyes clouded by sorrow,
What storms, what darkness will she face tomorrow?
Cold rain soaks the feathers, weighing down the gentle soul,
The unbreakable wings beat the polluted air, fighting for control.
The sun is blocked by dark clouds of pain, of rage, of hate,
The smoke of a blackened world rises up and the hawk begins to suffocate.
So hard to see in a sky full of the tears the angels cry,
To see with eyes not blinded by the devil's lie.
Still the hawk with wings of steel flies through,
Breaking through the fog of the hurtful deeds people do.
A strong soul soaring above the land and sea,
Knowing her purpose and what she is meant to be.