Created by- Tiffany Chi

Written by- Jennifer Ta

(Note: Story line belongs to my friend Tiffany Chi. All that belongs me are my words.)


9 years ago

"Willie, where are you?" Cried Holly Ma. Holly was a girl of eight, short black hair, with missing front teeth's. She was in search of her best friend, Willie Black, who was hiding from her, one of their usual games.

Holly was getting tired, wanting to give up and was close to tears. She was the sensitive type, and didn't like to lose, especially to Willie, who always would tease her a bit after she lost, but would always make it up to her in a way.

Willie, sensing her tears, stepped out from behind one of the trees in the park and said, "Fine, fine, fine. I'm here."

Holly ran up to Willie and gave a weak smack on his arm. " You're stupid Will!"

"Hey, what's the point of hide and seek if you don't hide good," responded Willie. Willie was a plump little eight-year-old, with black hair and blue eyes. He crossed his arms and puffed out his chest to Holly.

Holly rolled her eyes, and sighed. "I'm tired," she said. She took a seat on the grass, her legs spread out in front of her. Will took a seat next to her. A minute passed when he said, " I'm moving."

Holly gasped, " What? Where? Why?"

Willie shrugged. " My parents told me yesterday. I'm gonna be gone like in a week. Dad got a new job or something."

"What? You can't move!"

" I know, it sucks," he said. Both became quiet. Soon Holly was in tears and was sobbing loudly. "Aw, Holly don't cry. You know I hate you crying!"

" But- I- don't- want- you- to- MOVE!" She continued on sobbing, and occasionally wiping her nose with the sleeve of her shirt.

" Come on Holly!" He said, trying to make her happy again. He hated girls who cries, it made him feel bad. " We are still gonna be friends."

"Really?" Holly hiccuped.

" Yeah, you're my best friend. I won't forget you," Willie said. " Don't worry."

"But-," she was about to say but stopped. Holly instead, took off her Silver Star necklace and gave it to him. " Keep it. To remember me."

"What? I don't want to wear to wear a girly necklace!" Spat out Willie.

Holly cried, " It's not girly, it's pretty! And anyway, you have to wear it! You said you were my best friend! So you have to wear it for the rest of your life! And you CAN NEVER take it off or I will FOREVER be MAD at you!"

"Ok, ok, ok! Geesh! Girls," Willie muttered under his breath as he took the necklace and put it on. " Happy?"

"Very," was all Holly said. They became silent once more. Holly's heart was still aching from the news, while Will was chewing on the necklace.

Willie suddenly got up and stood in front of Holly. He offered his hand to her. "Come on, its time to get home." Holly took his hand, and was lifted up.

As they stood face to face with one another, Holly and Willie felt a sense of lost coming to them. Before Holly knew it, Willie hugged her. She even heard a little sniffle. A moment later he released her, saying quickly, " Don't tell anyone I did that!" Then he walked off.

Holly stared at his back, watching his figure get smaller and smaller. In a whisper, she said, " Bye- bye Willie."