Author's Note:

Author's Note:

I know, the end of this story was a long time coming, but I guess I was too lazy and too reluctant to really put a finish to this story. I know, the ending was a bit rushed, and details are lacking, but I think for me, just having the story finally end is what it's about. It didn't have to be perfect; it just had to be how I saw it end. If anything, I see this as the first draft of the real ending to the story, and when I find the time in my life to revisit this story, I will look back and use what I have here and make it better.

For those who stuck through and saw the end of this story, despite all my broken promises of updating, I thank you. You guys make me think that maybe I might be a writer, someday.

I won't be getting around to the revision for this story any time soon. I might get around to the sequel to the story, but when that will be I don't know quite yet. I do know that I'll be keeping this story up for a while, with all its flaws, merely because it reminds me how long a way I still have to go before I can ever consider myself talented.

For now, I'm going to write what I can, and hopefully post things up. Check my blog (link is in my profile, the homepage) and see my thoughts, writing, etc.

Until then, I hope you guys enjoyed the story, even though it's far from perfect.