Play Pretend

In the present world
of power and technology.
I would rather stay home
and watch TV.
In a place of conflict
hatred running deep.
I would rather be in bed
sound asleep.
Hearing the news
gunfire sounding in the air.
I would rather be in my room
pondering on what to wear.
The battlefields stain
of blood running thick.
I would rather be on the field
giving that soccer ball a kick.
They talk about war
tearing the human race apart.
I would rather wonder
on who had made it start.
People are dying
during this pointless fight.
I would rather dream
of how it all ends tonight.
They say you can't ignore
what is going on.
I would rather close my eyes
wish it all be gone.
The people who suffer
all the pain.
I would rather hope they
can hold on just the same.
Shedding tears
for the world's woe.
I would rather believe
that I really didn't know.
They try to open our eyes
to make us all see.
And I would rather keep on hiding
from reality.