Silent Sufferer

I've been shot down again.

I've been pushed, shoved,

And tripped.

Derogative words

Are often aimed

At me.

Like anyone cares.

I have friends,

That stab me in the back.

I have friends that care,

About using me as a


To their glory.

But all I get in return is

A dusty shirt.

But all that won't drag

Me down.

Or at least

No one could tell the difference,

'Cause I don't express

My feelings.

The only thing

That sheds tears

Is my soul.

I am

A silent sufferer.

I do not cry

Out in anguish.

But the only thing


Is a small

Contraction in the chest.

The only thing that supports


Is a rail

Called the


I use what I learned

In the


To hold me.

Because of this

I look to no one

To share

My feelings.

I suffer silently.

You may ask

If there is something


I may reply,


But that is a lie.

Truthfully I'm

Torn inside.

No lights seem

To brighten a path.

I am lost in the


I am afraid

That you will

Make me stumble

Off my chosen


So I grieve my losses.

Give into pain,

And cry...


For, I am

A silent sufferer.