Modern Art

With lines I carve and create
You fall free gasping for breath
Through your too narrow nose
Your unbalanced body sways on swollen knees

You look at me with uneven eyes
The 'Why' on your face so loud
I cant help but step back
The tears in my eyes blur your edges
Not you're a freak and wrinkled

Why did I do you so
Rushing through the pages
Dancing with pens
Broken lead and runny ink
What a disgrace
What kind of mind would create
A monstrosity such as you

Dying as you stand before me
Crying through those sightless eyes
Reaching with malformed fingers
Falling with those feet unsized
Why did I do it
Was it intentional
are you a love child
Or a hated mistake
Some prodigy of a disturbed mind
Sick and twisted
Out of time

I see you failing to win hearts here
And yet I smile and grin
Would I reach a helping hand
Take an eraser to your chin
Reconstruct your malformed body
Build you right and just

Oh no my darling
suffer blindly
this is how I made you now