Chapter 7

Rose got up slowly and started to walk towards The Academy she was terribly disappointed and she knew Trumpet felt the same way. The two were silent as they walked and both knew that something terrible had happened. Walking into the dining room Agent 13 greeted them.

"Pegs, Trumpet, Ugly Duckling, something terrible has happened. The Mafia has stolen some of our files on The Academy and now they shall know how to get in here and how to snuff us out. We can't do really anything to get the files back and it wouldn't have mattered because they already have seen the plans."

"Then what are we going to do?" Trumpet asked quietly.

"Right now I don't know, I just don't know," Agent 13 said as he shook his head. Rose, U.D., and Trumpet looked at each other they all had the same face, what are we going to do?

"Oh my gosh Trumpet this is terrible, I mean look even Agent 13 is freaked out. I can tell he doesn't have a plan, oh what are we going to do," Rose said as she moaned and slid down in a chair. The room was still as Trumpet paced in circle thinking about what was going to happen. U.D. just lay on his bed staring at the ceiling. The silence was deafening to Rose, why couldn't anyone talk? A few minutes went by and her wish was granted.

"We're going to die," U.D. said nonchalantly. "That's the spirit," Rose thought.

"Shouldn't we be thinking positive," Rose said. Everyone in the room glared at her.

"How can we? We just found out our death sentence!" Trumpet declared.

"I just think that thinking positively will make us think of ideas better then when we have no hope," she said quietly.

"She does have a point," U.D. said.

"Do you have any ideas Miss Positive then, hem?" Trumpet said sarcastically.

"Actually I do. How about we change like the air vents system and stuff and get a new alarm and security system." Trumpet looked at her surprised that she had thought of such an idea.

"That's a great idea, except for one thing."

"And what is that?" Rose asked.

"You know how much money that will cost? I bet a fortune."

"You're just jealous that you didn't think of it. I'm going to tell Agent 13 my idea and see what he thinks of it."

"Good luck with that," Trumpet called as she stalked out room. As she got into the hall her anger diminished and she became very nervous. How could she propose the idea, what if Agent 13 thought it was dumb? Anxiety filled her as she knocked on his office door.

"Yes," Agent 13 replied almost in a moan.

"It's Pegs, I might have come up with an idea to help save The Academy," she quickly said. She heard footsteps as Agent 13 came to the door.

"Come in, come in," he said as he opened the door. Quickly Rose in, the tension in the room was over bearing. Taking a deep breath she started to tell him her plan.

"Agent 13 as you know, I have a plan that could help us with the problem we're currently going through," she paused and took another deep breath. "My plan might not be the most reasonable, but with the situation we're in it might be the only thing we can do."

"Just tell me the plan Pegs," Agent 13 said in an annoyed tone.

"Ok, I think that we should get a new air duct system and a better security system. That way they won't have a clue how to get in." No one spoke for a minute.

"You know how expensive that will be? A lot of money, but you're right, it maybe the only thing we can do. I'll think about it." Rose walked to the door beaming with pride. Never in Rose's life had she felt as proud and happy as she did in that moment. She couldn't wait to gloat to Trumpet and U.D. about what she had just done. Quickly she ran up the stairs taking them two at a time, when she got to the door she regained her composure and knocked politely.

"Trumpet, U.D. its Pegs may I come in?" She asked in her sweetest voice.

"Sure," Trumpet said tonelessly. Rose skipped into and sat next to Trumpet on his bed. He looked up at her and said," You seem happy, did you get to speak to David?"

"I wish," she said shaking her head. "But I have great news."

"Did you save money on your car insurance by switching to Geico?" U.D. said sarcastically.

"No, I have great news if you would just let me tell it."

"Ok Pegs you have the floor, go ahead and speak," Trumpet said as he bowed to her.

"Thank- you now today you said my idea for saving The Academy was silly and wouldn't work but I'm here to tell you differently. Agent 13 is going to think about using my plan. So there I did have a great plan."

"Pegs that still doesn't mean too much. They could still turn down your proposal," Trumpet said cautiously.

"Well take my moment away from me why don't you?" She said looking hurt.

"I'm sorry Pegs, but I'm just bringing you back to reality. Just in case they can't use your idea."

"What if I don't want to come back to reality? What if I want to stay in my own happy little world?"

"You know you can't just hide from things when you don't want them to happen."

"But reality is too scary," she said as she turned around, her face wet with tears. Quickly she wiped her eyes.

"But you don't have to worry because I'll always be here to protect you."

"Thanks, Trumpet that means a lot." She gave him a hug. Instantly Trumpet looked surprised. Looking over her shoulder he saw that U.D. had left the room.

Rose woke up as her alarm clock went off noisily. Without looking Rose hit the snooze button. Quickly Rose jumped up and saw the sun outside shinning bright, it was a beautiful day and she couldn't wait to and enjoy it. It was almost like she was in a haze as she pranced down the stairs. Trumpet liked her, and they had hugged, it was like her world was complete.

Walking down the hall she quickly realized that in fact it was very early, too early for most of the people to be up and about. What was she going to do until breakfast? Right then the sun lit up the dark hall that she was standing in. It was as if the sun was beckoning her outside. Slowly Rose walked down the halls until she got to the door that led her outside. Carefully she pushed the door open.

Instantly she was almost blinded by the brightness of the morning sunlight. After rubbing her eyes she looked around. Everything was quiet and still. The only sounds were of the wind rustling in the trees, rustling in the bushes as animal's moved, and an occasional chirp from a bird. Looking at the sky Rose quickly realized that the sun was rising and sat on a boulder. The morning was Rose's favorite time of day and watching the sunrise was her favorite thing to do. As the sun rose she thought about all that had happened in the last couple of days, Trumpet getting captured, U.D. coming, and having a great idea to save The Academy. It was so amazing of how much could happen in a week.

Suddenly she heard the grass rustle and she looked around, no one was there. "Maybe I'm paranoid, it could have been an animal." Again she heard the grass rustle. There was no one in sight. Then something grabbed her. She was about to let out a glass-shattering scream when the person covered her mouth; she looked up at her intruder and saw that it was Trumpet.

"Don't ever do that again!" Rose whispered harshly.

"Sorry I didn't mean to scare you, but I didn't want to disturb your thoughts."

"Well coming up on me sure did!" Her nostrils flared as she gave him an evil glare. And then Trumpet started laughing. "What are you laughing at Trumpet? Hmm?" He fell to the ground. "If you don't be quiet then the whole Academy will wake up and well get in trouble. Shush now."

"Pegs you are hilarious. You should see how you look when you're angry. It's so cute," he said as he fell to the ground.

"Next time call my name before you come and give me a heart attack," she said as her anger dissipated.

"I'll be sure to, I wouldn't want you to look cute again," Trumpet said as he winked at her. Rose immediately stuck her tongue out at him. "Oh you're mature."

"Yep," she said simply as she sat down next to Trumpet. He slid closer to her.

"By the way I said you were cute, but what I meant to say was that you're beautiful." Rose smiled as she melted inside; no one had ever said such beautiful things to her. Slowly she leaned into him, resting her head on his chest. A second later she felt his arm go around her shoulders and bring her in closer. That moment she wished would stay forever, for it was perfect. Being with the person she liked watching the sunrise. What could be better then that?

Over the next weeks Rose fell deeper and deeper in love with Trumpet. The only thing that she saw in her world was Trumpet. Which caused many problems, because the one thing you need in training is focus and she did not have that.

Agent 13 noticed very quickly what was going on and mentally smacked himself in the head. Why did he try to break Rose and Trumpet up by bringing in another guy? That probably was the dumbest idea he's had in a long time. He didn't break up Rose and Trumpet. "I hate teenage hormones," he thought. Again Agent 13 thought about the notion of getting rid of Rose because once again she was getting in the way. "I don't care what Barbra thinks, we should get rid of Rose. I think it's about time to start recruiting only guys or only girls. I'm thinking only guys because hey then there's no really horrible teenage hormones." Right after he thought this he ran into Rose coming in from a morning stroll with CuteGuy.

"Pegs we need to talk," a startled look came upon her face.

"Ok," she said slowly as she followed him to his office. The walked to the office was quiet, for Agent 13 only spoke when he had something meaningful to say. Rose on the other hand loved to talk she hated silence and so much wanted to break it in that walk, but restrained because she knew that Agent 13 was not happy with her. When they got to the office Agent 13 told her to sit down and make herself comfortable.

"Rose, I'm here to discuss a matter that I've discussed with you before. This matter is a delicate matter one that should be taken very seriously. Let me just jump right into it. I know that you and Trumpet are seeing each other still after our last talk. This is a very horrible thing especially with the Mafia at their prime and especially with them wanting to kill you. We can't have you or anyone getting killed. So as for right now you're going to have to be on probation."

"What!" Rose exclaimed. "All because I like a guy. I can't choose how I feel. What am I supposed to do ignore my feelings for him?"

"Yes you are until the Mafia is gone we can't have you going around liking other Agents." Rose sat there astonished. Could he do something like this to her for liking someone. "That is all Rose, you may go." Slowly Rose got up and walked to the door. She was shocked. What was she going to do?

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