Forgive Me by writerforever

This poem is dedicated to you, Stephen, my cousin and my best friend. Although you have changed drastically I will always remember the way you were when we were the best of friends. I will always hold those memories in my heart. Please come back to the boy you once were and please forgive me for not being able to help you.

I saw you last night in the streets

It was dark and you were in a crowd

I watched with sadness as you inhaled

I watched as you inhaled the one thing that would be the death of you

I watched as you inhaled the weed thinking it would help you escape the pain

I watched as you stumbled down the hill not knowing who you were

I watched as you fell to your knees as the drug took over you

I watched with tears in my eyes as you smoked away your life at the age of 13

You and I used to be so close

You and I used to be the best of friends

Do you remember those times when we were little boys?

Do you remember when we were like brothers?

Do you remember those precious memories that I hold deep in my heart?

Do you remember anything?

Everything fell apart for you and I'm so sorry

Now I watch you with tears streaming down my face

I watch as you destroy your life because of all the pain you go through

I saw you again today

I saw you with your torn shirt and baggy jeans

I saw you with a girl clinging to your arm

I saw you and you never looked at me as we passed each other in the street

I looked at you and my heart felt as if it was breaking

I cried for you in my heart

I cry for you because I know I can do nothing to save you

I can do nothing to save you from the drugs and pain in your life

I would give my life if my death would take away your pain

I would give anything just to see you like you used to be

Forgive me for not being able to help you

Forgive me