Chapter Seven: Cover Girl

"Matt!" I heard someone calling my name. Irritated, I rolled over, pulling the blanket over my head. Don't breathe, pretend like you're not here.I felt Stevie poking me, "Matt, you have to see this!"
"Matt's not available at the moment." I murmured, trying to stuff my face under the pillow to muffle his voice out.
"Matt, you really have to see this."
"Why?" I could feel him tugging on the blanket, and then, suddenly, it was off and I was blinded by light. "God damn, that's bright." I cussed, shielding my eyes from the sun. The bus was stopped. I glanced out the open door; confused, and realized we were at a rest stop. Stevie was waving something in front of my face.
"Look, look, who's on the front cover!" I glanced at the cover, but just saw some girl with her head tilted back, screaming.
"I think you have the wrong magazine." I mumbled, looking at Stevie, annoyed. Stevie flipped the magazine to glance at it and then whacked me with it. "Ow."
"It's Tiff." He said.
I grabbed the magazine out of his hands, staring down at her. It was her, I hadn't recognized her at first. God, she looked good. Blonde hair, choppy just the way I remembered it, a little longer, but completely natural. She was wearing a Roosevelt High shirt, torn up and decorated with colored safety pins. Her lips were bright red and her eyes were closed as she screamed, my eyes flew down to read the caption, "Sweet Tiffany Revealed: Matt Brooke's Former Fling, Screaming his Name" Was she really screaming about me? Somehow, I doubted that, I glanced back at the picture, god, how could I have not known it was her. It was Tiffany, 100%.and was that Nessa? Nessa was standing in the background, holding her side, laughing. Probably a dare, I rolled my eyes, knowing how they couldn't resist that game, no matter how childish it was to anyone else.
"God, she looks great." I said, smiling up at Stevie.
"You guys, you guys, turn on the radio, turn on the radio!" Gordie came running on the tour bus, jumping up and down and hooting. Stevie glanced at him and back at me, like he was insane, but Gordie just hopped to the front of the bus and cranked the stereo. It was the last fading melodies of Sweet Tiffany.

And that's the number one song in the country for Punk music right now.congratulations Roosevelt Rejects, you're the new craze. You have no idea how many calls I've been getting for that song.moving on, let's hear some of the wannabe's that didn't quite make it this week.

Stevie was up, jumping, screaming, and then Jason was there, too. I jumped up, magazine still in my hand and joined in. Number one song, new craze, and a picture of an ex-girlfriend on the cover of some tabloid, we were going to be famous. Holy shit.