Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: I was feeling a little down, and so I wrote this. I hope you guys/gals
like. Just don't forget to R&R. I like hearing from you guys/gals

You turned away from me once again
You must like breaking my heart
I have always loved you
I've loved you from the start

This rejection really hurts me deep
I can't escape this pain
To think that I'm not good enough
It hurts me just the same

You were my pride and joy
No other has made me feel
I never doubted my love for you
Those feelings were always real

If I'm not the one for you
Then tell me this right now
Speak your mind out loud to me
Someway, somehow

I'll say goodbye to you, if that's what you want
I'll try my best to understand
If you don't want me in your life
I'll find another man

Although they would never have my heart
For it will always belong to you
It's just too bad that you didn't want it
And there's nothing that I can do

So reject me, and leave me alone
Let me suffer my fate
I'll try my best to move on
For true love I'll have to wait

Just know this before I go
That no one will love you like me
I would've given you all my love
But I guess it wasn't meant to be.