I'm sitting here,
eating ice cream,
Wishing I had a life.

Today was just an average day in the life of me.
Read on and try to relate.

I sat around for half of the day, drawing,
Occasionally looking out the window.

Kat called.
She had to leave after five minutes for punching her sister in the stomach,
and making her cry.

Then came lunch time.
I wasn't hungry.

Jules got grounded again,
for breaking a window.
She got her picture taken by the photo club,
And got pissed because she wasn't wearing mascara.
When she realized she forgot her house key
she just broke a window to get in.

My friends are crazy.

"Fuck" nearly got laid yet again,
after getting drunk at a neighborhood picnic.
She says "Fuck" is her nickname.
Sometimes I start to worry.

Why bother?

Haven't seen Lana in a while.
She missed our R.E. meeting,
and not to mention doesn't answer her phone.
I hope she's all right.

David asked me to come over to his place,
because today was boring.
I lied and said I couldn't because I was grounded.
I knew what he really wanted.
Oh well.

Tiffany thinks that all of my friends hate her.
It's not her fault really.
She can't control how she really feels.
Is it a crime for a girl to like a girl?

Kristina is ignoring me because I kissed her crush.
Why can't I understand?
Why do I do this to my friends?

My sister had a ballet recital.
It was a good except for the fact that "he" was there.
It makes me sick to look at him,
Knowing he's looking back.

My insides started turning so I decided to go home.
People stared when I was walking back.
I was wearing black when it was hot and sunny.
I thought it was going to be cold.
How was I supposed to know?
It's not like I watch the weather channel.

I couldn't eat.
I hoped I wasn't loosing weight.
I couldn't help it.
"Maybe I'll eat later."

There was too much on my mind.
I felt like I was going to explode.

So now here I am,
Typing this pathetic excuse of an outlet for my emotions,
Eating ice cream,
and wishing I had a life.

At least a life I enjoy living.
My mom thinks I'm lying when I say I'm fine.

Maybe she's right.

There's nothing much else to say.