A day's end had come. The last hue of pink was gone from the horizon. The silver moon nestled itself up on a black blanket as one by one the tiny stars shimmered to life, burning fiercely. Past a large iron gate that read, Libritien Park, the moon illumined the gravel paths and cast the trees into the shadows. A cool summer's breeze slithered over the paths and through the black trees daring go where no mortal would. But still a girl sat on a bench at the end of a path; her head tilted back, her eyes closed, the wind tousling her long dark hair. She was not mortal.

Shadows of a young man crept down the maze of paths. He walked with his head down, his hands in his pockets where his spare change should be. The wind sent tingles through his entire body as he approached the bench. The girl leveled her head, smiled, and opened her eyes to see him standing before her.

"Hello my sweet one," He whispered.

"Jareth," she breathed, standing. He wrapped her in his secure arms. A rush of overpowering emotion hit her. The same rush she felt each time she merely thought of him. He released her to the bench and sat beside her. Jareth took her hand in his and caressed it gently.

"Did you miss me today Joslyn?" Joslyn looked from her hand to his moving lips.

"Yes," she nodded moving her gaze to his beautiful blue eyes. He followed her eyes. She looked at a mortal her people wouldn't let her love. He looked into the piercing, beautiful eyes of a vampire he wasn't supposed to know.

"I love you," Jareth whispered bringing her hands to his lips. Her breath caught.

"I love you, Jareth," she returned with everything she was. Everything she stood for. Everything she wasn't. She never tired of hearing those words upon his lips and it amazed her how they had the power to fill her completely. Her world was tumbling upside down and she leaned against him, wrapping herself in his warmth. Her heart ached for the love she wasn't supposed to give and yet she couldn't help giving it all to him. Tears slid silently down her round face, her own tiny pains. Jareth pulled back, lifting her chin to look her in the eye. Her eyes were glazed with unshed pains. He dipped his head, placing his lips upon her cheek kissing her tears. Their salty wetness settled on his wise tongue. His hand found the other side of her face. He wiped her free of her pains and placed his damp fingers in his mouth. "They're mine too," He said softly his hand pushing back her hair. She smiled weakly. He cupped her face in both of his hands as he lowered his head. The kiss was soft. It always overwhelmed her with just how soft and gentle it always was. The wind blew intensely blowing Joslyn's hair around the two of them. Joslyn kissed him one last time as she pulled away. She could sense someone was coming. She stood bringing him to his feet.

"What's wrong?" Jareth asked perplexed.

"Someone's coming," She whispered looking over her shoulder.

"I don't want to leave," He whined mockingly knowing very well that he would leave. He stepped forward and kissed her lightly. It sent a chill all through Joslyn. "Goodnight my love," He whispered almost sadly digging his hands into his pockets. He turned and began walking slowly down the path. Joslyn had the urge to follow him like she did every night but today she knew she couldn't. She watched him disappear from view.

"Joslyn, dear," came a greeting from behind. Avery turned to see her sister, Alana, Standing before her.

"Alana," Avery returned warmly. Alana looked at Joslyn in silent question. She could sense something was awry. Joslyn tried to make her believe differently. "Walk with me," Joslyn urged. She hoped her blood sister would follow and forget the strangeness of before. Alana followed.


Joslyn stared out her window twirling her dagger. Her head was swirling with thoughts. She was so consumed by them she didn't sense them coming and she barely heard their knock at her door. How can I love him?

"Miss Joslyn?" someone called.

"Yes?" Joslyn said startled rushing to the door and swinging it open. They all stood there, Alana even. They had come to make her accept her heritage; make her rein over a people whose ways she didn't agree with. Her heart just simply wouldn't let her. She shut the door and leapt over her canopy bed as they pounded on her door. She swung open her balcony doors and closed them behind her. The wind greeted her in a rush for a second wiping away all of her worries, but only for a moment. She stood on the rail and let herself fall. The ground rushed up. Any mortal would have died from a fall like that but she was no mortal. Her feet met the ground. Grass crunching beneath her, she ran into the night darkness of the forest. He would be there. She knew he would. He always was. It pained her now as she ran to know that she saw less and less of him not always being there for him. It was harder to sneak away. She ran through the forest that lead to his apartment. Thunder echoed through the trees. She kept running. She ignored the braches that slashed her skin as the wind enrolled the trees to do its bidding. Her heart sounded in her ears and the rain came down soaking her through.

With the pavement beneath her feet she ran up the building's steps, her hair sopping hanging in waved ringlets past her shoulders. Joslyn pounded on his pale yellow door. She breathed hard waiting for his door to open. She lowered her head hoping that the door would open. A creak of rusty hinges filled her ears as light spilled into the hallway. She stepped into his arms as she raised her head feeling right again. She didn't need to say anything; he shared her pain of not being able to love and yet somehow loving.


"Why do you love me?" Jareth asked Joslyn one night in the park. She looked up at him.

"I love you," she began,"because you make me happy. When I'm with you I fly. I can't imagine not loving you."


Days went by, days that turned into weeks. For Joslyn the weeks had all began to blur together, weeks of not seeing him, weeks of not knowing. Alana had informed the royal court of the mortal she had 'interacted with.' As one of royal descent she had let her people down. They filled her head of what he would eventually do to her with the knowledge of her heritage. He was after all a mortal. They even contemplated sending the vampiric knights to end his already short life. That put fear into Joslyn, but whether it was fear of what they would do to him or fear of whom they had made him in her mind she didn't know.


Avery stood in front of the full-length mirror in her room. Her hair hung in loose curls beside her face. The pale green color of the dress seemed to make her face glow. Her piercing green eyes even seemed softer as the thin material of the dress swayed at her feet.

The dress of a princess, she thought numbly. She turned from her reflection to walk to the balcony where the drapes billowed in the cool breeze. She rested her hands on the cool stone rail and looked down. A past memory flickered to life in her mind. She glanced back at the shut door in her room. Joslyn carefully stood on the rail. She breathed in the sweet air and stepped out. She plunged down, adrenalin already coursing through her veins for the run through the woods. She dashed through the trees she hadn't greeted in so long. She knew just where to run, not one branch caught on her dress. She darted through the open iron park gate. She made her way hastily to the bench. It was empty. Joslyn's throat constricted and her hands became fists at her sides. A hand tapped her lightly on the shoulder. She whirled around to see him standing there. Her fists melted away as she stood on her tiptoes to wrap her arms around his neck. Jareth closed his arms around her, and then stood back eyeing her dress.

"Tonight was my crowning," Joslyn began, "I am now my people's princess."

"Good," he said. Her heart was heavy and she didn't know why. Out of nowhere his tone changed, "what are we doing? Who are we kidding?"

"What are you saying?" Joslyn choked out.

"We can't go on like this,"

"Jareth?" she reached reached out to cup his cheek. He pulled away. A knife stabbed Joslyn clean through penetrated her heart. She stared into the eyes of her only love. The one giving up on her. Her mind with the image of him of him snuffed out her heart's voice.

"I'm sorry," He said gently.

"It's okay," she began. What are you doing! Her heart screamed, "You're right," the sound from her mouth vibrated.

"There's really no point," Jareth stated flatly. Don't you love me anymore?

"Exactly," she said instead. No! Her heart cried. Already tears began to slip down inside of her, drowning her.

"I don't mean to hurt you," he said almost emotionless.

"Everything's fine," her mind assured him. Please! Her heart pleaded. Jareth looked up at the moon shimmering above them for the longest time. Then he looked down at Joslyn.

"I have to go," He said finally. She smiled in understanding. Her mind was cracking. Don't leave me! Her heart screamed with every last drop of energy, but it was useless. He couldn't her soul's cry. Jareth turned away from Joslyn, his feet already carrying him away from her. He turned his back and gave up, leaving behind him memories to never again remember. She looked at his turned back, watching it disappear down the path. Her heart leapt.

"Wait," she called out to no one but the wind. She lowered her head, her hair wrapping itself around her face to wipe away her tiny silent crystal sorrows. "I love you."


.This is what I like to call my non-fictional fic. I took something that happened to me and added other elements. But you see so many of you want me to continue this, well I can now. The story in real life has come to an end and I am currently working on writing it for you.