I can't help but feeling this hole in my life,
this hole in my heart,
this feeling of strife
This hole impossible to be brushed away,
by the splendor of better things,
and still the emptiness grows larger day to day.
I look around and everyone else faces are gleaming
No unforgotten anger there,
unlike my own from which tears are streaming.
I look for a face,
for a thought,
for a trace,
of the one true beauty.
The one with such perfect imperfections,
to fill every corner of me.
And yet still the one remains unfound.
The darkness within grows wider.
As I, in exasperation, fall to the ground.
Hopes begin to diminish,
marvelous dreams,
slowly, they finish.
The curtain is about to close.
The search will stop,
and in endless agony in my life I pose.
Why search for something you may never have?
To walk down a winding road,
and then look back to see no path.
So though I've searched,
and the hole within remains,
forever I will feel loneliness' aches and pains