Eternal Scourge

If only I could make you understand the pain that's running through my veins
I've hurt you for centuries, I've left so many painful stains

I haunt your dreams each night and day
from when the sun rises until your world grows gray

tints of red and black caress your life
wretched being, enveloped with strife

the image of a hand appears
wipe away your brook, your tears

it's edging closer, motion by motion
eyelids rapidly close, escape the emotion

it isn't real, it can't console
don't wait for it to soothe your soul

you extend yours, but right before grasping
the silky hand is gone, it leaves you gasping

darkness once again begins to set in
with the passing of years, you grow weary and thin

My power over you maintains its hold
with every year, it grows thrice fold.

did you think you could forsake me, leave me alone?
your memories of me will be etched in stone.

wretched being, soul full of agony and wrath
do you really believe you can choose your own path?

I'll never lose you, never extricate you from my grip
do you understand me? My powers will never be stripped