The young girl stopped to look at the flower.
Tears stung her eyes as she remembered him.
He first showed the flower to her,
Small and pink, and yet it stuck out to him
From all the rest.
She picked it up and smelled the fragrance that wasn't there.
The tears flowed down her cheeks as memories flooded back
And then she remembered what took him away.
The small flower left her hand..

"Don't worry. I'll be fine."
And yet she knew in her heart that he wouldn't.
She followed him as he left her side.
"Don't worry." The words had empty meaning.
She followed at a distant, stalking his every move.
Suddenly, what enthralled him came into view.
A large beast, ready to attack, sat, waiting for a meal.
He walked closer, unaware of the threat.
The beast stood and moved in to attack.
"No!" she cried as she jumped in his path.
"You can't have him. He is not yours!"
With those words, she knew she'd never be his again.
The beast nodded and took that which was cherished,
Her soul.

. The flower hit the earth and began to decay,
For her punishment for giving her life
Was to watch all she loved wither away
And she had nothing left to give to save them.