::The Unknown::

You don't know me

I'm that scraping in your mind

The embodiment of despair

Standing right behind you

In the corner of every room

Always where you think I'm not

You can't see me

But I see you, through you

I know your every thought

Before you

And I'm always there to catch you

When I know you'll fall

I see you

I watch you, become you

You won't feel me

As I sink beneath your skin

Pass into your veins

And swim to your heart

You know that feeling you get

In your chest

That stabbing sensation

Where you feel you can't breathe?

Surprise, that's me too

Hurts don't it?

I'll strike a deal;

I'll stop when your heart does

Scared yet?

Don't be, what's to fear?

After all, you can't see me

And it's not logical

To fear what you can't see

Go no

Take the knife, carve it in

I want to see your faults

As a part of that pretty skin

That's it

Let the blood flow, I'm in there too

Everyone has a tragedy

I want you to wear yours in pain

You won't sense me

When you're busy, losing your life

Bleeding away your existence

Has your heart stopped yet?

No? it won't be long now

You're a fighter

But everyone has to fall

And when you fall, I'm not going to catch you

That'll be fun

Stopped yet?


Killed you didn't I?

Made you take your own life

Not bad for something

You can't see, feel or touch

Never takes physical form

Something you didn't even know was there

Now for my end of the deal

I'm going now

Better be quick or I'll be late

For your funeral, the last rites

Wouldn't miss it for the world

Bye bye now

I was good to my word after all

Wasn't I?