I honestly never thought I'd be writing in this series again.

Got something on my boots
A little crap on the bottom
Of my right shoe

Wow it's bad!
I was not expecting

I can't be surprised I guess
The detour I took
To end the ordeal
Lead me through muck and mire
A twisted angry path
That still bothers me today
And it's lingered
on my sole

What's this on the left one?
More shit!
My that is surprising
Since I took so much care
to scrape and
start over clean
(Maybe it will be moved
By salt water?)

Well shoes
I'm sorry I've neglected you
I think I was just naïve
Or maybe I thought I could
Ignore the situation
Maybe it hasn't been there
That long
(Who am I kidding
It's been a while)

I think I know why
Because really, secretly
I felt like I deserved to try
And slog through
With all this dirt
weighing me down.
After all, it was
My fault
My shoes got dirty
In the first place

No more!
I'm cleansing the system
Why bother with scum
When it does nothing
But get you down?