I dont think you love me anymore
To many things have changed between us
Nothing is like it was before

My heart is broken
You've taken all I've got
I guess that your love isn't what i thought

I hope that you are happy
I hope that you had fun
Now you can tell the "people" that you've won

Tell them how you used me
Tell them what you've done
Tell them it was fun

I can't believe i trusted you
I should have never broken down my wall
I should have known this would happen after all

I can't believe this hurts so bad
This hurt is just to real
This pain is worse than anyone should have to feel

I guess it just goes along with my life
I'm not allowed to be happy
I must live with constant strife

I feel so lost and empty inside
As if something within me has died
I don't know what is wrong
I'm still haveing trouble believing that you're gone..