Chapter Four: Mimble and Wimble

"Missed a spot," Wimble said flatly, leaning on a mop.
"Oh, hush up!" Mimble shot back, glaring furiously at her brother. If YOU'RE so good, why don't YOU do it!
Wimble shrugged. "Not my job," he replied. "I wash the windows. You do the floors."
Mimble rolled her eyes. "Oh? And WHO is going to wash the walls? That's our extra job today . . ."
"You," Wimble stated, grinning broadly.
Without a word, the young elf hit her brother full frontal on the face with her sopping wet mop.
"Hey!" Wimble cried, wiping the water from his face, and examining his now sopping wet clothes.
"Serves you right!" Mimble shot back, continuing to scrub the floor. "I am NOT going to wash the walls . . . You never even do a decent job on the windows . . ." Mimble jumped as she felt a bucket of cold water being dumped on her head. "WIMBLE!" She shrieked.
Wimble smirked, setting the bucket down. "Sorry, I couldn't resist . . ."
"We're SUPPOSED to be working!" Mimble cried in distress.
"You mean, YOU'RE supposed to be working."
That was the last straw for Mimble. She pushed her brother, who tripped over the bucket and knocked over a bottle of soap. The soap mixed with the spilled water, sending bubbles floating up to the ceiling.
"Mimble!" Wimble shouted, attempting to stand up. Unfortunately, he was stuck sitting in the bucket.
At this sight, Mimble formed an awful idea. Without a word, she pushed Wimble, bucket and all, down the hallway they were cleaning. She laughed as Wimble let out an ear piercing screech.
"Hey now, youngsters!" came a jolly voice from behind Mimble.
The elf jumped, and turned to face Santa himself.
The old man was smiling down at her. "It's all right to play around, but make sure the work gets done!"
Mimble smiled up the at the big guy. "Aye, aye, cap'n!"
"Ah, young 'uns these days . . . ." Santa said softly, walking past Mimble and down the hallway.
"Uh . . . Santa . . . You might want to be--" Mimble began, though she didn't get to finish her warning.
"Ho, ho, WOAH!" Santa slipped on the soapy floor and went flying down the hallway, just as Wimble had done moments before.
Mimble flinched. "Careful . . ."

A/N: XD I thought of the chapter randomly with the "Ho, ho, WOAH!" XDD I find that hilarious . . .