Laying on the floor
Eyes staring at the ceiling
Body decaying
Been dead multiple days
People notice the stench of death
But they disregard it like it was nothing
Life was taken by my own hand
That's who did this to me
My body is turning blue
Because of MYSELF
To think that it was all your fault
You pushed me to do it
You basically killed me
Yet I was the one who really committed the act
My last minutes of breath were filled with more misery than usual
I loved you and you lied to me
My life was going great
But you made me shoot bullets into my skull
Blood was smeared on the wall
Minutes, HOURS deciding whether or not to do this
My final decision was that life wasn't worth this much pain
One last jolt and it was over
Minor pain to make up for the emotional pain I was put through
You say you're sorry yet your voice is filled with hatred
I hope you're happy
I hope you're glad I'm gone
You'll never see my face again
Only in pictures
Cause I'm sure as hell it wont be an open casket I lay in
The scars will still be opened
You'll see my innards
You'll vomit
You'll gag
I hope you choke
I hope you die
My last words you probably wont care
I care
I hate it
And I hate you
It's final
The verdicts in
This is the last time